Brief history of OTOTAP

Since its creation PROCESA, has always had the desire to offer what the market needs, and launched the OTOTAP label in 1987. This was a launch onto the market of one of the pioneers in hearing prevention. The objective of its Wax earplug was to improve on other systems that had previously been used and modernise them on an industry-wide basis.
In 1994, given the success of the wax OTOTAP introduction, two new types were launched onto the market: the Foam and Rubber OTOTAP, to improve performance for different uses and to expand the range.
Five years later, in 1999, the Silicone OTOTAP was launched.
In 2011 OTOTAP Mini is launched for the smaller ear canals.
In 2013, PROCESA launches to the market OTOTAP "Soft & Colours", made from soft polyurethane foam and designed in fashionable colours to suit all tastes, completing the currently available ear-plugs range.
With these six varieties, PROCESA has covered the needs of the Spanish market, occupying a privileged place for years now, as the market leader in hearing prevention sales to pharmacies.